Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Menu for Your Wedding Dinner

Impress your guests with a lovely printed menu at your wedding dinner. It can be tucked elegantly inside a napkin or simply positioned across the plate. Your guests will salivate over what's next on the menu...

Mixed Green Salad
roasted pears with toasted pecans and blue cheese
with raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Pistachio Crusted Halibut
citrus shallot sauce and wild rice

Mmmmmm, sound good? Your guests will think so too!
by Christy, Jaffa Printing

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Did you know that the most common error brides make on an RSVP is in the first two words? "Please RSVP" sounds right doesn't it? It feels proper to word it that way but it is actually incorrect. RSVP in French means "respond please." So when you write "Please RSVP" you are actually saying "Please respond please," it's just one too many "pleases" for this little card.

Here are some better alternatives:
Kindly respond by
Please respond by
The favor of a reply is requested by
or simply

Did you pick an alternative? Good, I am so proud of you! You have graduated from RSVP school & you are ready to order those RSVP's.

by Christy Jaffa Printing

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

If you are a money conscious bride on a budget here are some ideas to help you save money on your invitations and keep that cash in your wallet!

1. Avoid invitations that have a perfect square measurement. It doesn't matter if it is the small 5.5 inch square or the larger 7 inch square invitation. A square invitation will always cost more to mail.

2. Order direct from the printer. This one makes perfect sense, if you order direct from the printer, you will get the best price on your invitations because you won't have to pay an additional company (reception centers etc.) for handling your order.

3. Choose a design that prints on one side of the paper instead of both sides. Less time on the press equals more cash in your wallet. Check out these invitations specifically designed for brides on a budget.

4. Try to go with one ink color rather than multiple colors of ink. You can get many shades of the same ink color by asking your designer to screen back the ink on specific parts of your invitation. It's a great way to add dimension while still keeping the cost down.

5. If you are interested in a photo invitation go with black & white photos instead of color photos. Black & white photos are less expensive to reproduce on a printing press and can be just as beautiful. Click here to see the difference in price.

6. Try to finalize your count before your announcements go to press. Remember to double check all mailing lists of the couple and parents to avoid duplication. Consider ordering 25 extra announcements for those last minute additions. It only costs a small amount to run off a few more while they are on the press but it can be costly if you have to have pay to put it back on once your order is complete.

7. Purchase the paper from the printing company. Some brides try to save money by purchasing their own paper & taking it to a printer to have it printed. The important thing to remember is that there is always spoilage on a printing press. When you let the printing company supply the paper which they can get at wholesale prices, then the printing company pays for the cost of spoilage. If you choose to bring in your own paper remember that you will have to bring in extra paper to account for the spoilage & you are not getting the paper at wholesale price like the printing company.

8. Save money on the response cards by having your guests reply by phone or e-mail. The phone number & e-mail address can be included on the bottom of your dinner enclosure.

This great tip can save you money in two ways:
1 - you won't have to purchase an additional enclosure for your guests to fill out
2 - you won't have to purchase any stamps since your guests won't be mailing them back

9. Avoid surprises at the post office by weighing one invitation with all of the inserts and envelopes prior to mailing, so they do not come back in need of extra postage.

10. Consider raised printing as a less expensive alternative to engraved invitations. Thermography or raised printing is done with a heat & powder process which raises the lettering & makes it look shiny adding elegance without the cost of engraving.
by Christy, Jaffa Printing