Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Top 4 Invitation Picks for the Ultimate Utah Wedding

On Monday, I was on the morning show
Good Things Utah
to present
Jaffa Printing's
final 4 invitation choices for Whitnee & Nick.

This photo shows Whitnee & Nick reviewing the final 4 invitation designs.

Here are the final 4 invitation choices. Now it's up to you to decide which one they will use for their wedding. You can view a video of the show and vote here.

The key to choosing an invitation that you will love, just like Whitnee and Nick, is to pick an invitation that reflects your personality as a couple in the colors, fonts and style you select. Whitnee and Nick really love the outdoors and they knew right away that they wanted a photo invitation. Their wedding colors which they wanted incorporated into their invitation are red, black and white. So all 4 invitations that we designed for them have those things in common but they are completely different styles.

Invitation #1 the Empire Folder features multiple photos and a subtle pattern which is a very popular look right now in invitations. It opens up to a gorgeous outdoor photo of Whitnee & Nick on the left and on the right the delicate pattern is softly screened & repeated behind the wording. Originally this invitation included black and white photos but at the last second Whitnee decided to have them all printed in color. I love the way it turned out!

Invitation #2 is our Jester Sleeve invitation. It is the perfect marriage between organization & elegance. The enclosures fit neatly inside this linen sleeve which is less expensive than a pocket invitation. If every guest isn’t invited to each and every event, there is nothing to worry about. The sleeve comes in different sizes so that guests who aren’t invited to specific events will never know the enclosures are missing. This sleeve invitation is unique because it features a photo on the band that wraps around the sleeve.

Invitation #3 is the Brittany Invitation. This design features lots of personality and lots of photos, seven to be exact. Nick liked how the date is so prevalent as this design unfolds. With the date this large, he knew his friends wouldn’t forget his wedding date. On the inside Whitnee loved how a large landscape photo is used for the background and the wording along with 4 candid photos are placed directly on top.

Invitation #4 is the Jackson invitation. It also has 7 photos but everything prints on one side of the paper which makes it less expensive than the Brittany. It has a fun tab on the right side of the invitation where the names and date can be placed and you just pull it open from there to reveal 5 additional photos. Ute fans are sure to love this one!

I had so much fun working with Whitnee and Nick on their invitations for the Ultimate Utah Wedding. At Jaffa Printing we specialize in a custom invitation without the custom price. We have an invitation for every style and every budget. We loved working with Whitnee & Nick on their invitations & we can’t wait to work with you on your wedding invitations.

Don’t forget to help Whitnee & Nick plan their wedding by voting for your favorite invitation here.

by Christy, Jaffa Printing

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ultimate Utah Wedding

Jaffa Printing has been asked to do the wedding invitations for the Ultimate Utah Wedding! This event is sponsored by the University of Utah, abc 4's Good Things Utah and Bride Access. We are so excited to be chosen to design the invitations for this event.

I met with Whitnee & Nick last week and helped them pick out 4 different invitation styles. We are putting the finishing touches on them tonight so they can go to press first thing in the morning. I am so excited to show them to you but I have to wait until their television debut.

I will reveal them this Monday morning (Nov. 23rd) at 10 am on Good Things Utah (channel 4). The viewers will be choosing the final invitation that Whitnee & Nick will use for their wedding. I will be posting the invitations for you to see on Monday after the show! Don't miss your chance to vote!

If you would like to follow along as Whitnee & Nick plan their wedding you can visit their blog. They are such a cute couple, you just can't help but fall in love with them.
by Christy, Jaffa Printing
photography credit: Creative Productions

Monday, November 16, 2009

Custom Holiday Card

I had to show you this beautiful holiday card that we just completed for a wonderful family who celebrated a wedding this year. Your holiday card is a great place to acknowledge the big moments that happen in your life. Whether it's the birth of a baby or a wedding like this one, your friends & family will cherish these moments with you during the holidays.

If you are looking for a custom holiday card without the custom price come and see us at Jaffa Printing.
by Christy, Jaffa Printing

Photography credit: Blush Photography

Friday, November 13, 2009

Holiday Cards

Greeting Cards are here at the fabulous price of only .98 cents each with a minimum order of 25. Envelopes are always included. View additional styles here.

Ordering is so easy just e-mail us your name, phone number, photo(s) & the item # of the card you are interested in & we will take care of the rest! You will be sent an online proof to ensure your satisfaction before they are printed. When your order is complete you can pick them up at our shop or have them shipped to you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Jaffa Printing!
by Christy, Jaffa Printing
Jaffa Printing item #J-V27 (above)*
Jaffa Printing item #J-H14 (above)*

Jaffa Printing item #T-H30 (above)*

Jaffa Printing item #J-H25 (above)*

Jaffa Printing item #T-H31 (above)

Jaffa Printing item #J-H26 (above)*

Jaffa Printing item #J-H27 (above)**

Jaffa Printing item #J-H28 (above)**

Jaffa Printing item #J-H29 (above)**

Jaffa Printing item #J-H30 (above)**

Order: e-mail or call Linda at 801.363.4189
Photography credits: *Dave at Jaffa Photography, **Tana at Irie Art Photography

Photo Thank You Notes

I am enchanted by the red accents aren't you? This bride paid attention to every last detail even down to her shoes! What could be more fun then sending out a photo of you in your dress & your groom in his tux as a thank you note for your wedding day.

Although this is my favorite thank you postcard, you can click here to view additional styles from Jaffa Printing. There are some charming black & white designs too. They are so easy to order! Just e-mail us your most cherished wedding photo along with your return address & we will take care of the rest!
Happy wedding planning!
by Christy, Jaffa Printing

To Order: e-mail or call 801.363.4189
Photography credit: Blush Photography

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pocket Invitations

What's not to LOVE about these beautiful pocket invitations from Jaffa Printing. Organized elegance says it all! They are available in many colors and styles. View pricing and other information here.
by Christy, Jaffa Printing

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Urban Chic

What's your style? If these photos are pleasing to the eye, it just might be urban chic. Dave from Jaffa Photography took these photos. Be sure to check his work out at He has a street style to suit every taste. From traditional to whimsical his style can't be beat!
by Christy, Jaffa Printing