Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas 
and a Happy New Year!
from all of us at JAFFA PRINTING

Thursday, December 11, 2014

We're Getting Our Christmas On!

Christmas cards make this time of year one of our favorite seasons! Our presses are busy running Holiday Cards. Here's a few HOT off the press...
Have a WONDERFUL Holiday Season!
from your friends at Jaffa Printing

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Floral Succulents: The Jessica Wedding Invitation

We're so excited to introduce you to one of our newest invitations, the Jessica Wedding Invitation Suite! The most exciting thing about the Jessica is that it is found in the Brides On A Budget section of our website! I know, it's hard to believe, right? But that's just the beginning...

It has lots of charming accessories! You can order the whole suite or pick and choose just what you need from it. Like all of the invitations from Jaffa Printing, it is available in any color!DON'T MISS the matching thank you postcard, there at the bottom. Isn't it adorable? LOVE, Love, love this one!

For more information on the Jessica Invitation Suite click HERE.
Happy Wedding Planning,

Monday, October 13, 2014

Traditional Invitation For A Bride On A Budget!

A beautiful traditional invitation doesn't have to be expensive! Believe it or not, this lovely embossed panel invitation, one of our most popular styles, also happens to be the most affordable! Don't you just LOVE it when that happens?
Pretty great huh? And I haven't even told you about the best part yet. The envelopes are FREE! Yep, blank matching envelopes are free with every invitation order at Jaffa Printing!
For pricing information on this invitation, click here.
Happy Wedding Planning,

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Affordable Photo Wedding Invitation That Fits Any Budget!

If you are looking for a beautiful photo wedding invitation with lots of coordinating accessories, you are going to love the Eileen! But if you happen to be a BRIDE ON A BUDGET, she's the perfect choice for you too!

The Eileen photo invitation featured below is shown all dressed up with matching accessories but if you are just looking for a great invitation at an ideal price point, she looks amazing all on her own too!
Here's an example of budget pricing for the Eileen invitation dressed down without all the accessories...
100 Eileen invitations including plain envelopes $90
300 Eileen invitations including plain envelopes $170
500 Eileen invitations including plain envelopes $250
(Invitations are sold in quantities of 25 after the first 100.)

If you are a girl who likes to dress things up, click HERE for a detailed list of pricing information.
Questions? Just ask! christy (at) jaffaprinting (dot) com.
Happy Wedding Planning,

Friday, September 19, 2014

Your Wedding Invitation, Your Way!

This beautiful floral invitation is a perfect example of how you can change up any invitation to make it uniquely yours! This is a combination of two invitations. The bride asked for the Allison invitation shown HERE, only with flowers from the Pressley invitation shown HERE. I lLOVE how it turned out!
  Here are the matching accessories...
There is never a risk in trying new things as our designers will show you as many online proofs as you need to see until you LOVE your invitations!

If you would like to see pricing information, this floral invitation is SURPRISINGLY affordable and priced the same as the Allison invitation shown HERE.
Happy Wedding Planning,


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mountain Gondola Wedding Invitation & Save The Date

Can you imagine a more beautiful setting than the mountains of Colorado? Here is the Mountain Gondola Invitation Suite we put together for Liz, one of my favorite brides that I had the privilege of working with this season!

See how we added that little gondola symbol next to the arrival time on the ceremony enclosure? I love how their guests got to ride a gondola up to the site of their ceremony!
Below is the Save The Date card we created for Liz and her fiancée. The way they are all dressed up in mountain weather gear for their photo is the perfect way to foreshadow their event. Such a cute couple, such a beautiful wedding!
 For more information on the Mountain Gondola Invitation Suite click here.
Happy Wedding Planning!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Photo Wedding Invitation

Ahhhhhh summer is here! Blowing in with the summer breeze is just the invitation you've been looking for! The beautiful Summer Invitation offers something a little different with it's lovely scalloped edge, refreshing pattern and happy color palette! But that's not all, what sets it apart from other invitations is the charming way it folds into itself!
Like ice-cream and pie, a matching ceremony enclosure compliments it perfectly and if you'd like a sweet little thank you to go along with it why we've got one of those too!
For more information on the Summer Wedding Suite click here.
Happy wedding planning!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chalkboard Wedding Invitations

How fun is this cute Chalkboard wedding invitation with adorable chalkboard envelope liner? It's perfect for a fun summer wedding! Can't you just see it?… a beautiful outdoor wedding with pastel colors, flowers tucked in mason jars and lots of vintage details!
LOVE the chalkboard look but want to include a photo or two? If that sounds more like you, then this is the design for you... The Chalkboard Photo wedding invitation!
At Jaffa Printing, we love the chalkboard influence for weddings this season and we'd love to design one for you!
For pricing information click HERE.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Friday, April 11, 2014

3 Ways to Dress Up a Budget Wedding Invitation

If you are a bride on a budget, Jaffa Printing has an entire category of invitations dedicated to you!!! Today we're taking one of those budget invitations and showing you 3 ways to dress it up by adding a few affordable options...

The 1st option involves playing with FONTS! Mixing a few lines of script in with the text is a unique way to draw attention to specific details and add variety. The best part about playing with fonts is that it doesn't cost a thing!

2nd you can add an ENVELOPE LINER! If you are a very traditional bride but would like to have a little fun, try adding a POP of COLOR with an envelope LINER! They are available in a wide array of colors and patterns. For pricing information click here.

The 3rd option for dressing up a budget invitation involves adding RAISED print (also known as thermography.) At Jaffa Printing we have both digital and offset presses. Offset presses allow us to offer raised printing which gives an added dimension to your invitations. As you run your fingers across it you can feel the fonts and design elements bump against your fingers and the ink shimmers when you hold it in the light. It is a beautiful way to add a touch of elegance to your invitations.

For only $10 per 100 (after the 1st 100) raised printing is a very affordable option for brides on a budget. The BEST part about raised print is that once you pay to have the invite raised, everything else ordered at the same time, i.e.) any enclosures for luncheon or ceremony or thank you notes, will be raised for FREE!

At Jaffa Printing, we LOVE our brides on a budget and we work hard to make sure that the invitation for your wedding is the invitation of your dreams!

For pricing information on the Ginger Invitation click here.
Happy wedding planning,

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vintage / Carnival Photo Invitation

Introducing the Bentley Invitation! One of my favorite NEW designs for the 2014 Wedding Season!

It has everything that modern brides are asking for… a vintage look, playful fonts, multiple photos & loads of personality!

This invitation was designed for the bride that wants to have FUN with the BIGGEST CELEBRATION of her life! I mean who doesn't love a TICKET enclosure to let guests know they are being invited to a special event?
The Bentley invitation with it's beautiful design elements and attention to detail is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests from the moment they open the envelope.

If you LOVE the Bentley invitation as much as we do, click HERE for more information.
Happy Wedding Planning,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vintage Save The Date Cards

We "mustache" you a question…
Have a little FUN with your Save The Date cards! These mustache themed cards are perfect for a vintage / carnival wedding!
Whatever the theme of your wedding, our designers can create a save the date card that perfectly sets the tone for your wedding!

For more information on save the date cards contact us at
Happy Wedding Planning,

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fun Photo Wedding Invitation

When the wedding you've planned is a party...
The FUN all begins with the INVITATION! Nothing says party like the Jocilyn invitation! With it's playful patterns and eye catching fonts, guests surely know they've been invited to a special event!
The Jocilyn invitation from Jaffa Printing is fully customizable and is available in any color. For pricing information click HERE.
Happy Wedding Planning,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Heart Day!

Celebrating LOVE is what we do, one invitation at a time!
Happy Wedding Planning,

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Season Of LOVE!

In celebration of the season of LOVE, we wanted to share with you one of Jaffa Printing's NEWEST invitations, the Emily Invitation Suite! The details on this one will have you falling head over heels!
It is a double sided card featuring an elegant invitation on one side and multiple photos on the back. From the invitation to the smallest enclosure, each piece was designed with beautiful attention to detail. And that envelope liner, well it just puts it over the top!

You can order one piece of this ensemble or you can order the entire suite.

The style isn't the only thing you're gonna fall in love with, wait 'til you see the price! For pricing information click HERE.
Happy Wedding Planning,


Friday, January 10, 2014

South Towne Bridal Show 2014

Come & see the latest in weddings and meet our invitation DESIGNERS at the last BIG bridal show of the season!
Don't miss our Jaffa Printing booth where we will be handing out our best wedding invitation COUPONS of the year!

Enter our Facebook contest for your chance to win a FREE wedding invitation suite including invitations, envelopes, liners, enclosures and more!

We look forward to meeting you!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Wedding Invitation GIVEAWAY!

For a bride planning a wedding, what's better than FREE Invitations? But it gets even better friends, it's not just the invitations we are giving away, you can win an entire Wedding Invitation Suite!

Yep, at Jaffa Printing, we know our bride's well and we know that the perfect wedding, like the perfect outfit is all about the details -- the matching envelope liners, enclosures and coordinating thank you notes. You gotta have the accessories, right girls? Well, we're gonna give them to you!

Click here to go to our Facebook page to enter. We'd love to know which invitation suite you'd like to win!

Like Jaffa Printing on Facebook
Share the contest and leave us a comment on Facebook
telling us that you did so.

Prize includes:
up to 300 invitations with matching envelopes and liners
up to 200 thank you notes & 50 matching enclosures

Winner will be announced January 31st on Facebook!
Happy Wedding Planning,