Thursday, June 10, 2010

Save Money on the Postage of Wedding Invitations

Looking for ways to save money on the postage of your wedding invitations?

There are 3 things to pay attention to when choosing an invitation that will help you save money on postage in the long run

- The 1st is the shape of the invitation. Anything that is in the shape of a perfect square whether it’s a large 7 inch square or the smaller 5.5 inch square will cost more to mail.

The reason for this is that the square shape isn't compatible with the post office machines & has to be hand-cancelled which in turn will cost 20 cents more to mail than a standard invitation. So instead of 44 cents to mail, you will be paying 64 cents to mail a square design.

- The 2nd thing that you need to pay attention to is the weight of the invitation. A 44 cent stamp will cover anything up to an ounce. If the invitation, envelopes & enclosures, together, weigh over an ounce it will run an additional 17 cents per additional ounce more to mail.

- The 3rd way you can save money on postage is on the RSVP. If you choose to have your guests respond by phone number or e-mail rather than doing a mail back RSVP with an envelope, then you don’t have to pay postage on the envelopes that your guests would normally mail back to you & at 44 cents each... the savings will add up fast!

If including a mail back RSVP is still important to you, consider ordering a postcard style which is less expensive at only 28 cents each to mail.

Happy wedding planning!
by Christy, Jaffa Printing