Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3 Tips On How To Create The Perfect Invitation

Tip #1) Gather layout ideas
Search online, check out Pinterest, look at invitation samples to get an idea of styles you like and styles that relate to the type of celebration that you are having. Don't be afraid to combine several elements of things that you like. We are always combining aspects of different invitations to make your invitation unique to you!

Don't worry that you might not like some of your choices. Through online proofs, our designers will be able to show you as many proofs as you need to see until you LOVE your invitations!
Tip #2) Choosing your ink colors
When you are picking your colors, keep it SIMPLE. One to three colors should suffice. Beautiful invitations usually incorporate just a few colors of ink, making the entire ensemble cohesive.

If you would like more of a monochromatic look, try requesting different shades of the same ink. Ink color can easily be screened back to different variations. Tone on tone inks will always play together nicely as they are just different shades of the same color.

Tip #3) Picking your fonts
Try to choose a plain, easy to read font for the text and then something with lots of personality for your names. Remember you are the star of the show and it's your NAMES that we really want to capture the attention of future guests!

When choosing the font for your names always check the capital letters to make sure that you like them. Sometimes you will think that you love a font until you see your name in it. Checking the capital letters on some of your favorite fonts will help you make your final decision on the font that is right for you!
QUESTIONS? Our wedding experts are always available to answer any questions you might have about wedding invitations, Just ask! 801.363.4189
Happy Wedding Planning,

Friday, July 5, 2013

Season Favorite's: Double Sided Photo Wedding Invitation

We have been soooo busy designing wedding invitations this season! I thought I would take a breather for just a moment and show you one of my favorites...
We did this version of the Jameson wedding invitation for Jenny. I love the colors she picked and the beautiful photo she provided for the backside. 

The envelope liner with it's whimsical pattern and modern monogram was of course, the finishing touch that pulled everything together!

It was so fun to work with Jenny on her invitations and we wish her the best in her future life with her new husband!

For details or pricing information on the Jameson invitation click here. We'd love to design one for you!!!
Happy wedding planning,