Friday, May 31, 2013

Double-sided Photo Wedding Invitations

Our NEW double-sided photo invitations are BLUSH-ING over their recent make-over's and all the attention they have been getting this year!
These CHARMING invitations are quite simple really, printing only front and back to keep the price on the down low, then we EMBELLISH them with loads of personality using beautiful fonts and patterns.

 Of course a new wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a stylish liner available in a huge array of colors and patterns. This invitation can be ordered as you see it or completely customized by one of our graphic designers for no extra charge. 

Anyway you look at it, These beautiful invitations are definitely dressed to impress!

For more information about the Kennedy invitation, click here.
Happy Wedding Planning,

Friday, May 10, 2013

Envelope Liners for Wedding Invitations

At Jaffa Printing, we are all about envelope liners! They are a such great way to add that personal touch and make your invitations really stand out!
The envelope liners are available on any of our jumbo size, standard postage invitations. And... just like our invitations, we can change up the liners any way you like!

For questions and pricing information, call Linda or Melissa at 801.363.4189
or e-mail: christy {at} jaffaprinting {dot} com.

Happy wedding planning,

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chevron Storybook Wedding Invitation

This pocket invitation meets all of the requirements of the MODERN bride! The beautiful storybook shell is made from elegant shine paper, sure to impress any guest! It opens to reveal the stylish invitation and matching enclosures tucked neatly inside the pocket below.

The pocket keeps everything displayed in an organized way and the enclosures are staggered so nothing gets missed! The wrap, printed in coordinating colors is the finishing touch that ties it all together!
The perfect wedding is all about the details, right? This brand new invitation from Jaffa Printing takes care of every last one! You can have it totally customized in any color pattern any color. Need an additional enclosure? No problem, we can do that too!

For questions and pricing information, call Linda or Melissa at 801.363.4189 or e-mail:
christy {at} jaffaprinting {dot} com

Happy wedding planning!