Monday, April 30, 2012

Garden Pocket Wedding Invitation

All of this sunshine in hopes of warmer weather made me want to do a post on one of my favorite invitations...The Garden Pocket Wedding Invitation!
Wouldn't it be fun to send out this lovely suite inviting guests to your special day? I only have one word for it, LOVE! 

For more information about the Garden Invitation Suite, click HERE.
Happy Wedding Planning!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pocket Invitation: Purple & Lime

Purple & Lime is a color combination that I would have never put together. As it turns out, it is one of my favorite invitations! I love it when it all comes together like that. 

This design is called our Jester Sleeve Invitation but we offer many different patterns available in every color of the rainbow. Choosing a fun pattern in a unique color combination is the perfect way to customize your invitation.

So be daring, try something different! What do you have to loose? At Jaffa, you get to see as many proofs as you need to see until you love your invitations!
Happy Wedding Planning,